The National Training Center for Transformational Rehabilitation Leadership is dedicated to revolutionizing the vocational rehabilitation field. Our mission is to transform it into a dynamic, innovative, and consumer-centric service delivery system that will shape the profession for the next century.

Our comprehensive training program equips participants with the skills and tools needed to lead continuous improvement efforts, enabling their organizations to tackle the challenges of the future while addressing the career aspirations of individuals with disabilities.

The training curriculum is designed to empower participants to master the Six Domains of Transformational VR Leadership, offering them the opportunity to apply these concepts and tools to drive transformational change within their VR agencies. These six domains encompass Purpose-Driven Leadership, Conscious Leadership, Cultural Leadership, Creative Leadership, Inspirational Leadership, and Collaborative Leadership.

Transformational Leadership, our guiding philosophy, focuses on building cohesive teams that recognize the need for change and innovation. Leaders inspire a shared vision and work collaboratively with dedicated team members who have embraced this vision. This approach enhances motivation, elevates morale, and boosts job performance by connecting individuals to a shared identity, organizational values, and a compelling vision, ultimately fostering a collective identity through the creation of organizational storytelling, mythology, cultural values, and primary objectives. Join us in shaping the future of vocational rehabilitation through the power of Transformational Leadership.

The National Training Center for Transformational Rehabilitation Leadership is a joint partnership of the University of Massachusetts-Boston Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI), the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC), and the University of Wisconsin-Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI).