This program contains six domains of transformational VR leadership and provides the opportunity to apply concepts and tools to implement transformational change within a VR agency. This training program is divided into three sessions, each session focuses on two domains. Each domain includes applied learning activities that provide the opportunity to affect real world concepts and tools within a participant’s workplace. This also allows participants to discuss their results with fellow peers for additional feedback and support. The entire program is intended to be completed within a 6-month period. Participants will also work toward the completion of a final capstone project to demonstrate proficiency in the content and immediately impact the agency by applying the content to effect change. Upon successful completion of the curriculum and evaluation of the capstone project, participants will be awarded the Certified Rehabilitation Leader (CRL) credential managed by the CRCC.

Training Sequence

A virtual orientation kick off will be held with an overview of the entire training program that includes; Course curriculum, collaborative learning exercises, and capstone components.

  • Session 1

    Purpose Driven Leadership

    Lesson 1: Delve into the fundamental concept of organizational purpose, exploring the core mission that drives an organization's existence.
    Lesson 2: Unravel the intricate world of organizational brand, deciphering the unique identity and reputation that sets an organization apart in the market.
    Lesson 3: Focus on organizational culture, investigating the shared beliefs, behaviors, and values that shape the atmosphere and working environment within an organization.
    Lesson 4: Dissect the importance of organizational values, and understand how they serve as guiding principles that influence decision-making and ethics within the organization.

    Conscious Leadership

    Lesson 1: Embark on a journey into the realm of conscious leadership, exploring what it means to lead with awareness and intention.
    Lesson 2: Delve into the practical aspects of conscious leadership, providing insights into how one can consciously lead an organization, making decisions that align with both purpose and principles.
    Lesson 3: Focus on the individual leader, offering guidance on how to consciously lead oneself, striking a balance between self-awareness and personal growth.
    Lesson 4: Discover the crucial aspect of empowering employees to lead themselves, fostering a culture where every team member is motivated and equipped to contribute to the organization's success through conscious and self-directed leadership.

  • Session 2

    Cultural Leadership

    Lesson 1: Explore the foundational concept of organizational culture, delving into the shared beliefs and values that shape the identity of a company.
    Lesson 2: Delve into the concept of a learning organizational culture, where continuous improvement and adaptation become the driving forces for success.
    Lesson 3: Focus on the importance of building a sense of community within an organization, emphasizing the power of teamwork, collaboration, and shared purpose.
    Lesson 4: Unravel the dynamics of transformational organizational change, guiding you through the processes and strategies for leading your organization through a successful and positive transformation.

    Creative Leadership

    Lesson 1: Embark on a journey to unlock the untapped potential of organizational creativity, discovering how to foster a culture that encourages innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.
    Lesson 2: Delve into the powerful synergy between organizational learning and experimentation, illustrating how these elements combine to drive innovation and propel your organization to new heights.
    Lesson 3: Take a bold step into the realm of risk, guiding you on how to make your organization comfortable with calculated risk-taking, an essential element of any forward-thinking and dynamic business environment.
    Lesson 4: Explore the essential qualities of entrepreneurial mindsets, equipping leaders with the tools and strategies to instill these attributes within their teams and cultivate a culture of innovation and adaptability.

  • Session 3

    Inspirational Leadership

    Lesson 1: Explore the concept of 'Idealized Influence,' discovering how leaders can inspire and influence others through their own exemplary behaviors and values.
    Lesson 2: Dive into the art of enlisting others in a cause, providing strategies and insights on how to mobilize and engage individuals to rally behind a shared vision.
    Lesson 3: Focus on the power of language and communication, delving into the creation of an impassioned shared language that can unite and inspire teams, fostering a sense of purpose and connection.
    Lesson 4: Unlock the potential of storytelling as a tool to ignite commitment. Learn how stories can be harnessed to drive passion and dedication within your organization.

    Collaborative Leadership

    Lesson 1: Dive into the heart of collaboration, exploring what it truly means and how it can foster productivity, innovation, and synergy within your organization.
    Lesson 2: Focus on the vital element of trust in leadership. Discover strategies and practices for building and maintaining trust with your staff, a cornerstone of effective leadership.
    Lesson 3: Delve into the power of a participative (democratic) leadership style. Learn how to encourage inclusivity and active participation among your team members, unlocking their full potential.
    Lesson 4: Explore the keys to building sustainability and resilience in your organization, ensuring it can thrive in an ever-changing and unpredictable business landscape.