In 2018, CRCC and ICI staff engaged in discussions about enhancing skills and capacities for VR agency leadership to support and advance professionalization of rehabilitation counseling for optimal services provision. Subsequently, in 2019, the CRCC, ICI, and SVRI partnered to develop a leadership enhancement training curriculum and program specifically for organizational leadership in VR settings.


The training curriculum has been designed to develop leaders who have the ability to transform organizations to advance the rehabilitation counseling profession and improve system outcomes.

-Kyle Walker, Executive Director, SVRI

One of our greatest opportunities for the field of Vocational Rehabilitation right now is to provide the type of leadership worthy of the professionals that make it up. Leadership that provides a sense of belonging, engagement, innovation, a culture of positive purpose, and provides experiences participants need to succeed.

-Russ Thelin, Senior Policy Fellow, ICI

Guiding Your Leadership Journey

Meet the Team

Learn more about the team who supports and facilitates the NTCTRL training experience. These individuals are here to instruct, support, and provide guidance and expertise to ensure the success of each participants personal leadership journey.

Training & Mentorship Program

What is the NTCTRL Training?

A 6-month training and mentorship program for vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency leaders to support VR counseling professionals and improve services that assist people with disabilities in career development and community inclusion.


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